Ondas Community is home to many Cultural Arts.

Brazilian Cultural Arts include Capoeira Regional, Conversational Portuguese, Percussion, and DançaAfro, all led by Professora Borboleta of Filhos de Bimba. Professora Borboleta and Fort Worth Capoeira Regional collaborate regularly to host special cultural events with guests from around the world.

Ondas regularly hosts special workshops and series in a number of Diasporic Arts. Check our EVENTS page for upcoming workshops, pop-ups, and series!

A full schedule of Capoeira Regional classes are offered for children and for adults. Monthly and drop-in rates are available. Newcomers must take an Introductory Class before joining group classes. More info here.

Percussion is back! Traditional Afro-Brazilian rhythms commonly used in the folkloric expressions of Maculelê, Puxada de Rede, and Samba de Roda. Suggested contribution is $15.

Silat is a self-defense system originating from the Indonesian Archipelago, taught with a focus on movement and fluidity and with the mentality to overcome larger and more powerful opponents, both with and without weapons.
Classes led by Pesilat (Instructor) Jherich Silas.

Classes offered once weekly. Monthly and drop-in rates available.