Fort Worth Capoeira offers regular kids’ classes in Capoeira Regional, which includes leadership, and teamwork, as well as coordination and self-control through group classes.

Whether the kids need some time to themselves, or you are looking for a fun family activity, we have just the thing for you! Kids Capoerê each Tuesday, 6pm and Friday, 5:30pm; KinderCap for the littles each Friday at 4:45; or Family Class on alternating Thursdays at 5pm. Join the fun!

Educational and After-School Programming

Ondas Community and Fort Worth Capoeira offer single- and multiple-session programs that focus on personal enrichment through physical exercise and cultural awareness. The Brazilian arts of Capoeira, Percussion, and Folkloric Dance are tools that can help young people appreciate themselves and their peers through a focus on respect and citizenship, while breaking down social barriers, improving self-esteem, and encouraging healthy movement in a community environment. These are taught in the context of African Diasporic history, and the importance of each unique member in a community.

Samba de Roda

Ondas Community programs focus on citizenship through respectful interactions that are based on attentive observation (aural and visual), appropriate responses (both physical and verbal), risk and impulse control, and mutual acknowledgement (eye contact and hand shaking).

While capoeira is a form of movement that is very dynamic, and includes standing spins and kicks, a constant changing of levels (standing, squatting, lying prone) and the occasional change of axis (handstands, back bends, cartwheels), our focus is on healthy and safe physical activity in an encouraging and supportive environment, not on the mastery of these different movements.

Puxada de Rede,a Folkloric Fisherman’s Dance from Bahia

In addition to providing healthy physical activity, Ondas Community offers students exposure to Brazilian culture, Portuguese language, and traditional music and instruments.  Students effectually gain confidence in their stage presentation and performance as they are encouraged to demonstrate what they have learned in a safe and accepting environment, and learn to express themselves creatively through movement and music.

Maculele, an Afro Brazilian Folkloric expression

In addition to a multiple-session program, Ondas Community provides fun educational and interactive lectures/workshops for your cultural programming for all ages, including cultural history and demonstrations.